About BlockShow

BlockShow Europe is a major international event for showcasing established Blockchain solutions. Once you open up the Blockchain, you’ll never leave it behind. With the growth of Blockchain technology, it is impossible to ignore the countless advantages it has already given our world. The BlockShow team’s aspiration is to showcase the industry’s most groundbreaking solutions and bring businesses together with the Blockchain.

If you yearn to gain real insight into the Blockchain, join our event and avail yourself of the opportunity to meet and partner with the world’s key Blockchain value generators. You will get first-hand practical knowledge of how technology has been successfully implemented in different parts of the world and what a dramatic impact it has already had on the markets.

Our team


Addy Crezee


Julia Daimio
Event Manager

Aleksander Raserei

Aleksander Raserei
Product Manager

Teammates behind the scenes:

Eugeniy Krasno – Developer

Alex Lundell – Designer

Alena Zirkova, Dennis Spaans, Igor Gorlov – Illustrators

Cointelegraph Events was delighted to be partnering with Nexussquared, the Swiss-based business platform, and Blockpay, Munich-based cryptocurrency payment processor powered by Bitshares, to host BlockShow Europe in April ’17 – the major platform for showcasing established, revolutionary Blockchain solutions.

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71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ

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