Master of Ceremony

Elizabeth Lumley


Liz Lumley will be the MC of BlockShow Europe 2017. She is a Managing Director, Thought Leadership at Rainmaking. She has spent over 20 years working in the financial technology space, most recently as Managing Director at Startupbootcamp FinTech London and as an editor at financial services and technology newswire, Finextra. In addition to being an internationally recognised conference speaker and moderator, she is also a regular contributor to Brett King’s Breaking Banks radio show on the VoiceAmerica Business channel.


We paid as much attention and time as possible to bringing the most relevant and valuable speakers for each session. All of them are internationally recognized experts with big experience, knowledge and clear vision on the future development of the Blockchain space. Just check!

Jamie Burke


Founder at BlockchainAngels; CEO at Outlier Ventures

Paolo Tasca


Executive Director, UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies



Commerzbank Corporate Clients Blockchain Lab



Founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, BizDev at Changelly

Mads Emil Dalsgaard


CMO at Funderbeam

Matej Michalko


Founder and CEO at DECENT

Bernd Lapp


Lead Business Hive, Swarm City and CEO, Old School GmbH



Partner at Deloitte, Technology Sector Head

Marco Barulli


Co-founder & Managing Director at

Mika Lammi


Head of IoT Business Development at Kouvola Innovation Oy

Angel Gonzalez


Executive IT Specialist at IBM



Co-Owner and Founder at OpenLedger ApS

Jack Nokogosian


Head of Coinify Digital Innovation Lab

Alexander Ivanov


Founder and CEO at Waves

Tomasz Mloduchowski


CTO at Zerado

Stephan Karpischek


Founder of Etherisc

Francois Sonnet


Co-founder Global SolarChange UG & Co-founder ElectriCChain



Product Manager at Blockchain Consulting



Co-founder and CEO at Neufund

Thomas Bertani


Founder and CEO at Oraclize

Marco Favia


Head of Blockchain Business Board



DevOps Expert, MaibornWolff GmbH

Dang Ngo


Lawyer at Simmons & Simmons



CEO and co-founder of Verisart



Partner at Roland Berger



Partner at Roland Berger



Consultant at Blockchain Institute of Deloitte



Senior Manager at Deloitte



Senior Consultant at MaibornWolff GmbH



Principal Evangelist at MaibornWolff GmbH


5th April - Opening Party

If you would like to attend the Opening Party on April 5, please make sure that you have a ticket to BlockShow Europe 2017 – you can buy it on our Eventbrite page. After the purchase is completed, you will receive an email with a link to the workshop registration webpage. All you will have left to do is to register and come to the party.

Topic: Manage Blockchain Assets & Grow Decentralised Tech Projects

This event is about what it means to be a part of crypto economic ecosystem: managing blockchain assets, investing in blockchain projects and growing your own decentralised companies.

First, we will share with you our experience of being immersed in the blockchain world for 7 years (cyber•Fund), how to distinguish profitable from unprofitable blockchain assets (Satoshi•Fund) and how to disrupt online gaming with the help of a random number generation protocol for Ethereum (Dao.Casino).

The presentations will be followed by discussion and beers.


  • Konstantin Lomaschuk (
  • Dima Starodubcev (
  • Ksenya Belman (

Number of participants: 100

MaibornWolff will introduce Blockchain technology to absolute beginners and entertain intermediates with insights. The session consists of a presentation and interactive parts to educate participants about the mechanics behind Blockchain. Finally they support the vast understanding with various use-cases. Don’t miss the chance to network and play a Blockchain-Game!

Timing: from 19 to 21 pm.

6th April

Welcome! Right at 8:00 all attendees are welcome to enter fabulous Alte Kongresshalle for registration and breakfast. That is also a perfect time for first meetings, which you can pre-arrange using Blockshow networking app.


We fully understand that a big part of our attendees come to the event to form their own vision on the Blockchain technology and gain a deeper understanding of the impact it will have on the markets. Thus, we decided to hold an entry course to the Blockchain for those who are only discovering the opportunities of this new technology. This is a perfect tool to make your whole conference experience much more efficient.


  • Elizabeth Lumley – Managing Director, Thought Leadership at Rainmaking
  • Addy Crezee – CEO at Cointeleraph Events

BlockShow = “The Blockchain Show” or “The Show of the Blockchain”, which means that it is not only the conference about Blockchain solutions, but a real show! Our goal is to make our attendees dive into the atmosphere of new disrupting technology, experience existing solutions in Blockshow exhibition hall, benefit from communication with like-minded people and finally enjoy the scenery. Don’t miss the time when show begins!

Don’t miss the welcoming speech, the time when show begins!


  • Charlie Shrem – Founder at Bitcoin Foundation; Bizdev at Changelly

A summary of key trends in the Blockchain industry by a internationally recognized keynote speaker and a Bitcoin pioneer – Charlie Shrem. Views, thoughts and analysis on different aspects of the industry from Bitcoin’s price and scaling to VC investments, Blockchain implementation, Consortiums and major challenges. This keynote presentation will be the starting point of the whole conference and will help all attendees understand where the Blockchain stands at this very moment.


  • Energy – François Sonnet, Co-founder Global SolarChange UG & Co-founder ElectriCChain
  • Content Distribution – Matej Michalko, Founder and CEO at DECENT
  • Supply Chain – Mika Lammi, Head of IoT Business Development at Kouvola Innovation Oy
  • Intellectual Property – Marco Barulli, Co-founder and Managing Director at

Blockchain solutions is the main subject of BlockShow Europe 2017 as the Blockchain is greatly influencing and changing the game in a large number of different sectors. We are devoting two hours to presenting solutions from eight industries. During the first part of this extensive presentation, the brightest industry players will introduce the whole variety of established and successfully implemented Blockchain solutions in such areas as Energy, Content Distribution, Supply Chain and Internet of Things.


  • Angel Gonzalez – Executive IT Specialist at IBM
  • Bernd Lapp – Lead Business Hive, Swarm City and CEO, Old School GmbH
  • Thomas Bertani – Founder and CEO at Oraclize
  • Florian Maier – DevOps Expert at MaibornWolff GmbH
  • Roger Benites – Bitinka Founder


  • Daniel Grassinger – Co-Founder at Nexussquared

The Blockchain is at a very early stage in its development, like the Internet was in the 1990s. Its implementation is being met with a number of challenges and issues: the lack of standardization and practical applications, fee structure and transferring existing databases into the Blockchain; interoperability between different blockchains; absence of working legislation and many other problems that the community should solve to speed up the process of the Blockchain adoption.

Time for lunch, networking and arranged meetings, discovering the Blockchain solutions presented at the BlockShow Exhibition Hall and enjoying the atmosphere. During the networking break you will have a chance to take a look at six carefully selected startups competing for the Blockchain Oscar prizes.


  • CoinDash
  • SolarChange
  • Shelf Network


  • Jamie Burke – Founder at BlockchainAngels; CEO at Outlier Ventures

The Blockchain industry is growing rapidly, and we believe that showcasing its most promising startups is a must. Moreover, it is a great opportunity for investors to find beneficial investment opportunities. Three of six carefully selected Blockchain startups will present their solutions with 3-minute pitches and answer follow-up questions from the panel of judges and the BlockShow guests. The prize fund of the competition is 13000 EUR.


  • Marc Ablay – Product Manager at Blockchain Consulting

The Blockchain is trust? The main goal of this speech is to evaluate the Blockchain-related business cases by understanding the mechanics of decentralized trust. Attack vectors (risks) and defense strategies. Perfect opportunity for those who would like to have a deeper understanding of how one should work with this technology.


Banks are so active in the Blockchain space that we can no longer ignore their advances. In addition, their current investments and activities drive massive attention and trust to the community. As a result, we have decided to create a special session wholly dedicated to providing insights into their current Blockchain-related projects and future perspectives.


During the second part of this session our speakers will introduce solutions for the following industries: Digital ID, Insurance, Remittance and Intellectual Property.



ICOs are taking place all around the world in 2017. Companies raise millions of dollars within hours. Without doubt, ICOs have already become an essential part of crowdfunding. But to what extent is this way of raising funds secure? What will it look like in the future? Four experts with different views, experience and visions will discuss how the tokenization of assets and security is becoming an important factor in the next generation of Blockchain solutions.

Time for networking again. Remember to check out the incredible Blockchain solutions presented at our Exhibition Hall and watch the Blockchain Oscar nominants pitching their ideas.


  • WeTrust
  • Status
  • Etherisc


  • Jamie Burke – Founder at BlockchainAngels; CEO at Outlier Ventures

Second part of the Blockchain Oscar. Three of six carefully selected Blockchain startups will present their solutions with 3-minute pitches and answer follow-up questions from the panel of judges and the BlockShow guests.

Cointed is an Austrian company specializing in cryptocurrency exchange, mining, Bitcoin ATMs and payment solutions.


  • Marina Gureva – BizDev at Cyber.Fund

With the rise of cryptocurrency, a lot of people have considered investing in this rapidly growing asset. Don’t miss the speech of Marina Gureva from Cyber.Fund if you’d like to learn more about evaluation and management of the Blockchain assets.


How to move from the Blockchain use case to scalable production? Deloitte is making huge steps in bringing the Blockchain into operations. They will share their insights at Blockshow Europe 2017.


  • Paolo Tasca – Executive Director, UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies

To have knowledge is important but what is more important is to understand how and when you can apply it. In addition to this, it’s close to impossible to reach a proper understanding of the technology without having a clear vision of the industry’s future.


  • Jamie Burke – Founder at BlockchainAngels; CEO at Outlier Ventures
  • Richard Kastelein – CMO at Humaniq
  • Addy Crezee – CEO at Cointelegraph Events

The moment of glory for the winners! After the presentations are shared and questions are answered, our experienced panel of judges will gather together in an isolated room to choose the winners in two nominations: “The Most Innovative Blockchain Startup ” and “The Most Valuable Startup for Humanity”. Meanwhile, the online voting on the Waves Platform website will determine “People’s Choice” first- and second-place winners. We truly hope and believe that this competition will pave the road to success for the startups and will help them find their first clients, partners and investors. The main prize of the competition is €5000 worth in BTC while the whole prize fund amounts to €13000.


  • Addy Crezee – CEO at Cointelegraph Events

Everything comes to an end, and so does BlockShow Europe 2017. This session is devoted to presenting the results of the first edition of BlockShow Europe. As you might remember, BlockShow is “The show of the Blockchain”, therefore be sure that we are preparing something impressive and truly unforgettable for you.

After the official part of the conference is over, here comes the time for wrapping up your business meetings and enjoying snacks and drinks instead!

Our epic “Bavarian Party” is taking place in Augustiner Keller – a cool bar serving legendary German beer and excellent food. Enjoy the atmosphere of Munich night life and network with like-minded people. You surely don’t want to miss this out. Let’s have a blast tonight!

7th April - Workshops / Side Events

In order to be able to attend the workshops, please make sure that you have a ticket to Blockshow Europe 2017 – you can buy it on our Eventbrite page. After the purchase is completed, you will receive an email with a link to the workshop registration webpage. All you will have left to do is to register and enjoy the workshops.

Thanks to design thinking methods participants will be lead to develop ideas around the topic Blockchain by teaming up in a creativity game. Topic of the session will be “Insurance on Blockchain.”


  • Dirk Röder
  • Stephan Karpischek

Timing: The workshop will start at 9:00 am and will end around 11:00 am.

Food & Drinks: Snacks and drinks will be served.

We examine the use of digital identities to build digital business models and process chains based on Blockchain.


  • Sebastian Steger, Partner, Roland Berger Berlin Office
  • Stephan Janssens, Partner, Roland Berger Brussels Office
  • Sebastian Maus, Principal, Roland Berger Berlin Office

Timing: The workshop will start at 10:00 am and will end around 12:00 pm.

Food & Drinks: Flying buffet will be served after the end of the workshop.

Description: We will present some of our “blockchain” prototypes, in the field of mobility on the ground and in the air (using smart contracts and Ethereum).

Further, we will present measures how to increase their security.

On the other hand, we will present ricardian contracts, used with Openbazaar, a decentralized P2P trading platform.

Timing: The workshop will start at 1pm and will end around 3pm.

Food & Drinks: Snacks and Drinks will be served.

Showcasing our use cases/ POCs we have developed in the fields of regulatory reporting and automated compliance to initiate a vivid discussion of legal implications of and on blockchain.


  • Sven Buschke
  • Fabian Rimpl

Timing: The workshop will start at 2pm and will end around 4pm.

Food&Drinks: Snacks and Drinks will be served.


BlockShow Europe 2017 takes place in one of the best conference venues of Germany – Alte Kongresshalle. Located in the heart of Munich, it offers extensive facilities for holding different kinds of events: from gala-evenings to conferences and big parties with up to 2000 people. KPMG, BMW and even Octoberfest choose Alte Kongresshalle.

BlockShow Europe will take the whole building to present you an outstanding, breathtaking, unforgettable show and leave you with the feeling that you are a part of the technology revolution. And right from that moment that will be true. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Theresienhöhe 15, 80339 Munich, Germany

Alte Kongresshalle
Alte Kongresshalle
Alte Kongresshalle
Alte Kongresshalle
Alte Kongresshalle
Alte Kongresshalle

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