BlockShow Europe 2017

Embrace the Blockchain Revolution

April 6, 2017

Munich, Alte Kongresshalle

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The Reason You Don’t Want to Miss Blockchain

Blockchain can be confidently called one of the most revolutionizing technologies for the past few decades. The great number of companies and the whole markets have already appreciated the benefits Blockchain brings to business. More than 70% of entrepreneurs and specialists dealing with Blockchain note that the main advantage of this technology lies in a reduction of operational costs. This, undoubtedly, is true; in fact, Blockchain is exactly the thing that can provide every company with transparency and disintermediation, help with process integrity and just simplify the things.

VC Investments

$1.1 billion

Venture capital investment in Blockchain startups

Size of Blockchain Market

$2.3 billion

The size the market for Blockchain technology is going to reach by 2021

Blockchain Startups


Existing Blockchain startups compared to 2015

Big Firms on Blockchain

Big Firms 

Like VISA, Mastercard, Paypalm and IBM publicly focus on Blockchain

Still not convinced? These universally recognized professionals will tell you more about Blockchain at BlockShow Europe 2017.

Daniel Drummer


Vice President at JP Morgan



Founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, BizDev at Changelly

Paolo Tasca


Executive Director, UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies

Ned Scott


Co-founder and CEO at Steemit

Where Blockchain Becomes Reality

Blockchain has been successfully implemented in various industries covering main areas of our everyday life. At BlockShow Europe 2017, we will introduce our attendees to the actual existing Blockchain-powered solutions from 8 vital industries:

Payments & Remittances

There might be a lot happening on blockchain, but payments will always be one of the leading sectors in that regard. Currently Blockchain is known as the easiest way to get access to the largest amount of destinations for customers to receive funds. Indeed, in a world of today Blockchain-based payment processors often become the only tool for those who don’t have their own in-house payment processing systems – and that’s the major disruption here.


The energy sector is going through its first attempts to implement Blockchain, but more than 100 potential use cases have been discovered there so far. And the best part is, Blockchain can bring improvements to every level of the sector: from regular everyday billing to the coordination of renewable installations.

Internet of Things

As the IoT sector grows, it meets new challenges, some of which can definitely be solved through Blockchain. This technology not only enables IoT ecosystem to step away from the traditional networking system, where devices rely on a central cloud server to identify and authenticate individual devices, but also allows the creation of secure mesh networks, where various devices will interconnect in a reliable way while avoiding threats such as device spoofing and impersonation.

Intellectual Property

Couple of years ago, Intellectual Property was considered as one of the most radical use cases for the Blockchain technology. Today, this became the ordinary: with the multiplicity of existing Blockchain-based notarization & patent management platforms, you can rest assured that your intellectual property will remain yours.

Content Distribution

There is always a certain number of third parties between content creator and viewer; this, after all, leads to the situation when viewers pay more and the creators receive less. Blockchain is perfectly able to solve this problem: with this technology, musicians, artists, writers and any other creators will have a direct control over how their works being distributed and monetized, while the whole process of digital media content distribution will be significantly democratized.

Supply Chain

The advantages of the Blockchain implementation into Supply Chain were already appreciated by many experts around the globe. Blockchain enhances transparency, allowing to document the movement of any products across the supply chain, thereby increasing trust and helping to deal with the bias found in today’s opaque supply chain.


Blockchain is a technology being explored by insurers for a while. There is a whole variety of promising problem-solving use cases Blockchain can bring to Insurance, which can be separated in 3 main categories: enabling growth, increasing effectiveness, and reducing cost by automating key processes; all of them, without doubt, have a positive impact for insurance firms.

Digital Identity

There are multiple promising uses for blockchain type technologies in the creation of immutable evidence chains for individuals wishing to prove their identity: for example, where the individual is starting with no or minimal evidence and needs to build a chain of evidence over time. There may also be Blockchain-powered applications for personal data stores and attribute services associated with, or unlocked by, verified identity.

Why BlockShow is For You?

BlockShow Europe 2017 will provide a whole spectrum of opportunities to each participant. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an investor, corporation representative or simply an enthusiast – you will be able to deeply explore Blockchain from your own perspective and even make first steps in achieving your Blockchain-related objectives:

  • You get a deeper understanding of how Blockchain is impacting the global markets and build your own vision of applying it
  • You get inspired by the fresh ideas that can potentially be used in your own environment
  • You meet experts who can potentially help you with outsourcing for research and development of Blockchain-related projects
  • You keep up with the latest Blockchain investment trends and find the variety of new promising investment opportunities
  • You get the opportunity to present your own disruptive solutions to the target audience

BlockShow Europe 2017 will gather 500+ attendees.

What Else Valuable is There?

An extensive presentation of groundbreaking Blockchain solutions is not the only thing that we are preparing for our attendees. In addition to that, we are preparing other interesting and valuable actions that will help to explore Blockchain from every angle:

– Panel Discussions. Experts from Blockchain, Technology and Finance will discuss the vital problems of the Blockchain space, find solutions and address queries from the audience on what can be done to overcome these challenges.

– Workshops. On the second day of the conference attendees will be able to join workshops dedicated to different essential problems and issues unique to the Blockchain industry. It will help the community to solve problems together, gain hand-on experience and better understanding of these problems and possible solutions, as well as build teams and new projects right at the workshops.

– Startup Competition. On the first day of BlockShow Europe, we will also present our audience with live pitches from up to 10 carefully selected blockhain startups actively seeking investment. The best startup will receive a prize at the end of the competition. About Startup Competition.

– Exhibition Hall. The heart of BlockShow Europe and the most important activity outside the main stage. Our conference will provide the space for established Blockchain companies to demonstrate their groundbreaking solutions. Become an Exhibitor.

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